Boss says , “Glrg, guard bridge from goats.” So I guard bridge.

Goats come. Say want to cross bridge. I say, “Boss say no goats on bridge.”

Goats get angry. Say Big Goat not like trolls.

I say “Sorry. Boss say no goats on bridge.”

I think maybe goats too lazy to swim river but not say this. Goats seem angry and I not think it great idea to mention character flaws right now.

Goats go away. I think, “Good. They listen to Glrg. Maybe next time swim instead of get angry.”

I wrong.

Goats come back with friends, say Big Goat coming and want to cross bridge.

I say, “Sorry. Boss not like goats crossing bridge. Say they mark up surface.”

Goats even more angry now. I decide not to mention swimming.

Goats wait around. Goats seem to get bored and start saying hurtful things about Glrg’s mom. I sad, but Boss say no goats on bridge, so I not let goats on bridge. Goats finally leave. I make note to call mom, tell her I love her.

Goats return. I not happy about this. They have have really big goat this time. Big Goat come to bridge. I tell him that Boss say no goats on bridge. Big Goat look at me. Big goat spit on bridge. I bend down to clean up. Big Goat charge at me with horns. I try to get out of way but Big Goat knocks me into river. I swim a while thinking, “Goats not really appreciate how nice water is.”

Next day, Boss fire Glrg. I not happy. I try to tell Boss about Big Goat. Boss not care. Say Glrg need more experience. So I leave. If you know where I find experience, you tell Glrg. I let you cross bridge. Unless you goat. No goats on bridge.

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