Dog Racing

A couple of weeks ago, Anne and I packed up the dogs and the kids and drove to the middle of nowhere (somewhere south of Draper, Utah.) There is a secret Whippet Racing course there on some dog loving soul’s farm and on Saturdays they’ll let you race your dog on a lure for a couple of bucks. Well, Anne has never met a dog sport she didn’t love and Tai is built like an Italian Greyhound, so it seemed worth the drive to at least try it out.

Basically, there is a long empty field next to some horse pasture. Using an old tractor (for a motor) and a system of pulleys, there is a lure attached to a thin rope. Since there were two of us, Anne would hold our dog and I’d walk to the far end of the course (about 200 yards.) When we signal we’re ready, the fellow at the tractor pulls a lever and the lure starts moving. The dog is then released to chase after it until the lure passes me (at which point, the lever is toggled and the lure stops.) I then collect the lure and the dog and jog back to the beginning to do it all over again.

We had a great time. Both dogs ran the course twice and seemed very enthusiastic by the second go. I’ve included some pictures below for your general enjoyment.

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