The Fires of Competition

Recently some friends at work decided to start up a group blog together to share their awesome doodles with the world. Being the competitive person that I am, I couldn’t stand by and let my blog rot to nothing. So then I was tasked with finding something to actually blog about.

So I will give a quick update about our family (with some minor excuses about why I haven’t posted anything.) Then I’ll make a second(!) post about things I’m currently interested in and spending time on.

So here goes:

Anne and I have been fostering two little girls for the past nine months or so (since the middle of last May.) They are adorable and we love them so much, but I’m limited in how much I can say or post about them because of legal requirements on being a foster parent. We even had to ask Anne’s sister-in-law to take down some photos on Facebook because the girls were in them (incredibly lame and mildly embarrassing to have to do that.) So anyway, there are still several legal hurdles/challenges to adopting them, but that is the current family plan made in conjunction with the state Attorney General’s office and the girls’ Guardian Ad Litem and caseworker. We are SUPER excited for this, but also extremely cautious and anxious to clear all the remaining hurdles. We’ve heard horror stories about other foster parents in our situation losing their kids on the day of the adoption right there at court with all their families there and everything. So yeah, this occupies our thoughts and prayers quite a bit.

Skyler and Preston have both made great strides and accepted these little girls as siblings. Both boys are in elementary school (Skyler’s in third grade and Preston is in first grade this year.) Preston continues to impress us with his Chinese and Skyler is still doing well academically while pouring his heart and soul into athletics. They’re both looking forward to baseball this spring.

Anne continues to make our German Shepherd Brash do amazing things like rescue small children from burning houses, stop bank robberies and terrify all our neighbors. At least, that’s what I hear. He is the best dog I’ve ever had the privilege of vying for dominance with and he’s also incredibly cute and affectionate.

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